Multiroom Concept

The name Multiroom A.V, like its directors Mahesh and Vandana Kathawaroo, is synonymous for a multitude of excitement as well as quality entertainment. The concept is founded and based on a plethora of innovative ideas that this husband and wife team have jointly worked on for over twenty years.

Mahesh hails from a background of music, both audio and visual. He gained a vast amount of his business sense from being mentored by his father in a family business that specialized in car audio. This led him to realize where his passion & enthusiasm lay and so he set off to broaden his horizons within the realms of home theater & lifestyle entertainment. Today he owns & manages a very successful business known as Multiroom A.V, an established brand & service provider in many affluent, corporate, commercial & residential circles both in Johannesburg and on the outskirts.

It’s a cut throat industry, however the secret of the Kathawaroo’s success is priding themselves in kepping abreast of the current trends within this field. Mahesh has traveled around many parts of the world, gaining experience and understanding quality & world class service levels.

They frequently attend workshops, exhibitions, trade fairs as well as audio visual shows in various parts of Europe and Asia, in order to enhance the Multiroom A.V brand. They maintain their competitive edge by being priced right as well as through forward planning to keep in line with ever evolving, volatile global markets.

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  • Samsung
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“The idea is to be ahead of your game” says Mahesh, our clients are very specific and highly sophisticated, they have no qualms about owning the best. Therefore service and budget consideration is the foundation on which our business is built.

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